Internationally renowned performers, young, upcoming musicians and participants in our courses: the programmes range from early music, classicism and Romanticism music to jazz, rock and pop. As we have already been working on historical performance practice in Michaelstein for 50 years now, we like to choose baroque music, and especially works that have only just been rediscovered! As a highlight, these works can also be heard on instruments from our collection.

The historically listed monastery offers an incomparable atmosphere for events, held in the refectory, the salon, in the old smithy or in our great concert hall, the music barn ...

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All year round, the Michaelstein Abbey concerts feature performers with a passion for music from the Renaissance to the present day. Vibrant interpretations, professionally presented with an excellent feel for the spirit of music from past eras: that is how our artists perform. Including, of course, the concerts by our baroque youth orchestra, BACHS ERBEN.

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From appearances by up-and-coming solo artists to the ensemble’s final presentation, from classical music to jazz, from amateur to professional, our academy concerts are incredibly diverse. But they all have one thing in common: the musicians play everything live.

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An old monastery like Michaelstein offers atmospheric spaces for performing music, from the history-steeped cloister to the modern concert hall.

Music barn

This building in the Michaelstein yard is described as the “Great Barn” in plans from 1779 and 1931, but was probably built after the Thirty Years' War, at the very latest. Fully rebuilt between 2010 and 2015, the music barn is now Michaelstein’s largest and most versatile hall. Designed as a multifunctional space for rehearsals, performances, conferences and functions, it can accommodate up to 300 people. With artists' dressing rooms, sanitary facilities, modern heating and ventilation and extensive technical equipment, it offers excellent rehearsal conditions even for large ensembles such as choirs and orchestras.


What was once the monks’ dining hall makes a function room with a very special atmosphere thanks to its vaulted ceilings and capital-crowned pillars. The refectory is mainly used for concert evenings on the scale of chamber music, or similar small events. The most striking feature is the 1850 Wäldner organ, which was fully restored in 2018 and can now be played once again.


As part of the music exhibition “KlangZeitRaum – Solving the Secret of Music”, this hall in the west wing was designed in the style of a 19th-century Berlin reception room. Surrounded by baroque architecture and historical musical instruments, visitors soon feel as if they have been transported back to another era. This is the preferred venue for events directly connected to the collection of musical instruments, such as concerts performed on historical fortepianos.


St. Michael’s Church

The west wing of the abbey, converted at the start of the 18th century, contains a small chapel built entirely in the baroque style which was consecrated in 1720 by Louis Rudolph, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and is still used as a church today. St. Michael’s Church is the most natural choice of venue for church music performances, though these are limited in scale due to its size.

Old smithy

The old smithy’s excellent architecture and acoustics make it a perfect spot for public events. It is designed as a space for seminars and conferences, and used by students to present what they have learned in the form of academy concerts.

Apart from the music barn, refectory, St. Michael's Church, salon and old smithy, the garth, the cloister and the monastic gardens are also sometimes used for musical events.

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