Salomon de Caus’s music machine

A show that takes you back to the year 1615

Driven by a water wheel, played with a pinned barrel and featuring a moving nymph; entertaining musical devices with animatronic figures have always drawn a crowd. Originally, Salomon de Caus, the engineer and landscape architect, invented a music machine for the Heidelberg castle gardens in the early 17th century. However, the Thirty Years War prevented its completion. In 1998 it was brought back to life. Experience the music machine in its new building and be inspired by this musical spectacle and its legendary background! Demonstrations take place from April to October at 3 p.m. on every 1st Sunday of the month and on prior request.


Solving the Secret of Music

Interactive music exhibition

From the very beginning, the venerable cloister rooms also resounded with music. Where once it was the song of the Cistercian monks, today it is visitors to the Music Academy and the museum whose voices and musical instruments can be heard here. Over time, however, the sounds and musical instruments have changed. The music exhibition KLANG – ZEIT – RAUM (“sound – time – space”) explores this change based on instruments spanning four centuries in Europe.


Children, too, can discover the secrets of music at the exhibition as they follow in the footsteps of Michel, a very musical cat.

The Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach

The highlights of the interactive music exhibition

(Kopie 6)