Music research

Keeping up to date musically means not only using existing knowledge about music but also adding to it, so that music from bygone ages can be played knowledgeably and at the same time vibrantly.


same time vibrantly. Music research at Michaelstein is currently divided into three fields of activity

  • local regional and cultural studies in the field of music
  • organological research (into the science of musical instruments)
  • appraising and spreading knowledge of our musical heritage, especially the music of the baroque period

The appraisal of musical heritage can be imagined as searching through old sheet music for interesting, as yet untapped works of music, developing material for performing the music (according to academic criteria), then playing it at concerts. Another project is the development of the Stölzel repertoire. The findings can be heard at concerts, on courses and at conferences. They can be read about in the Michaelstein conference reports, the Michaelstein research contributions and the Michaelstein music archive